What’s Ukrainian Bride Guide and who the heck are Oksana and Justin?

Oksana and I on our Wedding Day
Oksana and I on our Wedding Day, 2013

Hi, it’s Justin here. I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself. You’re probably asking, “Who is Justin, and what the heck is Ukrainian Bride Guide?”

I’m a pretty normal guy, who after a point, had had it with “western women”. Having heard about “Mail Order Brides”, I became curious if it really was possible to meet and marry one of those gorgeous, model-looking Ukrainian or Russian women. It seemed too good to be true. I read everything I could get my hands on for almost a year before deciding to finally “make the leap” and hop on a plane and go to Ukraine. As you know, these trips costs THOUSANDS of dollars, and I wasn’t about to waste my hard-earned money, not knowing what I was getting myself into.

I finally went to Ukraine. And let me tell you… It was EVERYTHING you’ve ever heard or seen and MORE. The women really do outnumber the men, and they are absolutely stunning, and they truly are seeking married-minded men.

But I noticed most guys were not having the luck on the “Romance Tours” that all the sales-y videos on YouTube had said. I talked to a couple guys who were on their fourth, fifth and sixth trips who still hadn’t met “the one”!

I didn’t understand what the problem was. I thought these girls were dying to marry the first guy who walks into their life, and jump on a plane to follow them anywhere!

I started meeting and talking with people in the “Mail Order Bride” Industry, and I learned a LOT. I even lived in Ukraine for almost 2 years, sharing office space with an “International Marriage Agency”, meeting hundreds of guys who were coming over, just like me, to meet their future, gorgeous wife.

I started seeing a common “theme” with the guys who “had no luck” versus the guys who got the girls.

And it wasn’t because they were too fat, or too old, not good looking enough or didn’t have enough money. I’ve seen REALLY good looking guys fly home single, and not as good looking guys have drop dead gorgeous knock-outs literally unable to function without them!

I met Oksana on my very first trip. We fell in love, later got married, and after 4 years had our beautiful baby daughter. I can honestly say, I had success because of the research I had done, and interviewing the people I had before going over. It was VITAL. There were several key “tricks”, and a few simple “mindsets” that I learned that these other guys didn’t. I felt really bad for them going home empty handed, while I was on Cloud 9, head over heels in love. After all, we had ALL spent THOUSANDS of dollars, but I was one of the only guys on the trip who had met someone to show for it.

Pregnancy Photoshoot, 2014

Why Should You Believe We Can Help You?

Baby Esme, Oksana and I in Boston, MA, 2015

I’m only human. I don’t have ALL the answers.

But I DO believe that I have SOME of the answers. And the answers I do have a EXTREMELY important.

The question you’re probably asking is “Why should I believe what Justin says?”.

And my answer to you is that you SHOULDN’T just blindly believe me.

In fact, I would recommend that you approach my materials with a healthy skepticism, and a “scientific” perspective.

I want you to TRY what you learn from me.

Before I tell you about my book, I want to FIRST tell you that every book I sell comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

I will let you go through the book, learn everything inside, BEFORE you decide if you want to keep it or if it’s not for you.

If you don’t see the value IMMEDIATELY, then I will give you a full refund… no questions asked.

I think you’ll find that I’m not interested in things that don’t work. I like stuff that gets results. And BIG results, at that.
Only after you’ve seen that this stuff is REAL… do I want you to “believe” me.

I’m a person, and as a person I have my flaws. But I also think my book is the very best in the world on successfully finding love overseas, and I stand behind it. I honestly hope you get a TON of value from it.

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