Why Russian and Ukrainian Women Look For Men Abroad

Hi, it’s Oksana, Co-Founder of UkrainianBride.Guide!

In this video, I want to talk about one of the first questions guys always ask me, which is, “Why Do Ukrainian and Russian Women look for Husbands Abroad?”

Of course, every woman’s motivations are different, but I think, for the most part, they can be boiled down into 3 major categories:

The first is, she’s out to scam you. Yes, unfortunately scamming absolutely happens, and I’ve heard every horror story imaginable. I highly recommend you come to Ukraine with a reputable company, who know the women on a personal level, and know their motivations are sincere!

The second is, they are just out for money. Having lived in Ukraine and in America, I think there are just as many “gold diggers” in America as there are in Ukraine, if not more. In America, it seems girls are far more focused on money instead of the man, then women from Ukraine.

The third category, is they are sincerely looking for a husband to build a family with. And there are several reasons that make it very difficult for a Ukrainian woman to find a husband in Ukraine.

Statistically, there are 92 men for every 100 women. In Chutovo, my village where I grew up, there were MUCH fewer then even this statistic. It was literally impossible for me and my girlfriends to all be dating different guys at the same time!

In fact, according to Wikipedia, out of 227 countries, Ukraine has the 21st lowest men to women ratio in the entire world!

Ukrainian women from an early age are taught to put marriage and family as the absolute highest priority in our lives.

I’ve dreamed of the day I’d be married and had a baby since I was a baby!

I think we are more comfortable going abroad then most other cultures because of the way we are brought up. Literature and fairy tales play a major role in our learning as a child, and we were taught that the prince must come, slay the dragon, and bring us to his far away kingdom.

We also watch American movies. The american culture is ingrained in us as long as we’ve been watching tv and films. We are comfortable with America and Americans because American films are just as popular in Ukraine as they are in America.

I met Justin in 2011, and it completely changed my life, in every way imaginable. We had our baby Esme this year, and it’s been the greatest gift I could ever dream of. Where Justin was from was not important. What was important is that he was serious, and wanted a family like me.

There are many women, like me, who so very much want to be married and have a family, that just can NOT in Ukraine because of how few guys there are here. It is completely realistic, AND possible for you to meet the woman of your dreams in Ukraine to build a family with.

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